Services Landing Page

Art direction
Web design
Project management
Image re-touching

The brief was to create a bespoke micro-site featuring an overview of the core services, benefits and site functionality that Ocado offers to its new and existing customers.

The art direction team curated a mixture of lifestyle images, product photography and site screenshots alongside shooting bespoke photography for specific pages to reflect the signature style of Ocado, re-inforcing the freshness, quality, service and range Ocado has to offer.

This large-scale project began with planning timelines, researching web styles, scamping layouts, wireframing content and creating visuals to develop into the final piece of work. We chose to develop a simplistic, centred, fluid responsive layout, that was 'mobile friendly'. For a consistent brand and user experience we displayed a simple hierarchy of iconography, typography and call to action on each core section. Phase two of this project proposed new branding, mobile responsive design, additional interactivity and video elements.