Ocado Baby Branding

Art direction
Digital design

The main objective of this project was to create an identity for Ocado Baby, providing a consistent brand message to Ocado customers across all channels. The brief deliverables included a logo, initial campaign lock-up, photography art direction, guidelines and asset toolkit. Market research conducted on several groups of mums revealed they wanted an environment that is friendly, emotive, caring, supportive, recognises both parents equally and communicates to the adults not the children. We created several concepts, each with different qualities using this market research and competitor analysis.

The final concept was selected as it had the most caring, friendly and emotive look and feel. The logotype uses part of the Ocado core logo so it is instantly recognisable as an Ocado sub-brand, with an additional more playful display font and an illustration of baby feet to give it a softer feel. To give the campaign a strong emotive feel, we used carefully selected images of cute babies with lots of personality as the hero of the campaign, to be adapted when a product led design is needed. We showed the concepts to a select group of parents and we had a very positive reaction from them, most saying it really resonated with them, felt supportive and made them smile. The colour scheme is gender neutral, with a cheery yellow as the primary colour and a darker green to add a more masculine secondary colour when needed to represent the dads. The headline lock-up allows playful emotional messaging that cleverly references the products.